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amino acid
a carboxylic acid that is the structural subunit of a protein
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  June 3 in chemistry
  1873 - Otto Loewi born: chemical transmission of nerve impulses; Nobel Prize (Medicine), 1936.
  1929 - Werner Arber born: restriction enzymes; Nobel Prize (medicine), 1978.
  1960 - Robert Burns Woodward synthesized chlorophyll.
   sources: http://webserver.lemoyne.edu/faculty/giunta/week.html, http://todayinsci.com

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Monday 5.18.2020
  This week we will look at electrochemistry. I will prepare an assignment to go along with this chapter. The assignment will be available next Monday.
Next Test: 2/20/2020       Chapter: 11

Monday 5.25.2020
  This week we will look at acids and bases.

Acid Base Powerpoint

Next Test: 2/5/2020       Chapter: midterm

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