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date posted - what happened in class day by day
9.22.20 - Today in AP HUG... the lesson was kaput. Students finished the FRQ, and we started Unit 2 - population.
Today in Teamed 3rd and 7th... warm review of vocab, group work with Paleolithic images, we went over group work, notes on 7 things we need to know about Paleolithic, we went over the characteristics of Neolithic, and we watch 2 quick films on Paleo and Neo.
9.18.20 - Today in 2nd and 8th period... Map quiz, we discussed migration push/pull factors, migration assignment (due 10/9), Paleolithic era, and group work.
9.16.20 - Today in Honors World I 2nd and 8th... We discuss anything that was still confusing, review for quiz on Friday 9/18, discussed thematic maps and migration.
9.15.20 - Today in AP HUG... we registered for AP classroom, finished Unit I, and I postponed the quiz until Tuesday 9/22.
Today in 3rd period Teamed... reviewed for our quiz on Thursday 9/17, we discussed/took notes on migration, and we introduced the student to their long term writing assignment.
In 7th we also worked on the map.
9.11.20 - Today in Honors World I... We discussed historical dates, taking notes, vocab, and how history changes with new evidence.
9.10.20 - Today in AP HUG... We started discussing Unit I. If you need the recording of the session, it is located in our BBCU classroom. Let me know if you have questions.

Today in 3rd and 7th Teamed World I... we discussed ways to be successful in our class, went over warm up/assignment from last class, took notes, went over dates (BC & AD), and we discussed how history changes because of evidence.
9.09.20 - Today in AP HUG... Intro, assignment, and we went over the syllabus.
the following countries are taken: Russia, Spain, Korea, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Norway, and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Mexico, Italy, France, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Brazil, Greece, Canada, Haiti, Israel, India.

Today in 3rd period Teamed World I... Intro, and Geography 101. Here is the link to the geography video:
use the following link to watch our session incase you were absent.

Today in 7th period Teamed World I... Intro, and Geography 101. Here is the link for the video on geography:
The is the link for our session in case you missed class.
9.09.20 - Today in 2nd period Honors World I... Intro, and geography 101. Use the link below if you need the recording for the session.

Today in 8th period Honors World I...Intro, and geography 101. i will post the link to today's session once I receive it.
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