12/7/2018 - AP HUG and Honors World: Re-take after school on Thursday 12/13.
Weekly Agenda
Week Of: 12/10/2018 - 12/`14/2018 Posted: 12.7.18
This Week in AP HUG... We will continue with religions. Current event is due Wednesday 12/12.
This Week in Honors World... We will start learning about the Roman Republic.
Today in Class
12/11/2018- Today in 1st, 3rd, and 5th Honors... Returned maps (told students what to study for the map quiz), returned/went over Greece test, notes on Roman timeline, students worked on questions about the Roman Republic, and we discussed the questions and geography of Rome.
AP Human Geography Homework
date posted
Monday, 12.10.18
AP HUG - HW due Wednesday 12/12: Current event, outline on ethnicity (at least the first 1/2), review sheet for religions (quiz on Friday), and re-test on Thursday 12/13 after school.
Honors World History I Homework
date posted
Tuesday, 12.11.18
1st, 3rd, and 5th - HW due Thursday 12/13: Map quiz (Roman map), Outline ch. 7, lesson 2, final essay (must be typed), and re-take of the Greece test after school.
6th period - HW due Wednesday 12/12: re-write of the writing assignment (comparing Athens and Sparta), Outline ch. 7, lesson 2 due on Friday, and re-test on Greece Thursday 12/13 after school.
Test Dates
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AP Human Geography Exam
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