3/16/2018 - AP HUG: Quiz on Industry (unit 4) - Thursday 3/22.
Also, your Ambassador projects are due on Thursday 3/22.
Weekly Agenda
Week Of: 3/19/2018 - 3/23/2018 Posted: 3.16.18
This Week in AP HUG... Finish and quiz on Industry. We will start economic development.
This Week in Honors World I... Finish Africa, work in groups on the downfall of empires, and write a paper discussing the causes for the downfall of the empires.
Today in Class
3/15/2018- Today in 6th period... Background information on Africa, students presentations on Axum, Ghana, and Mali.
AP Human Geography Homework
date posted
Friday, 3.16.18
AP HUG - HW due Tuesday 3/20: Review sheet for the quiz.
HW due Thursday 3/22: Quiz and Ambassador project.
Honors World History I Homework
date posted
Friday, 3.16.18
6th period - HW due Monday 3/19: Africa map quiz. Study the following: Nile River, Niger River, Zambezi River, Congo River, Limpopo River, Sahara, Kalahari Desert, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Gao, location of the 3 kingdoms in W. Africa, and Timbuktu.
Block and 3rd period - HW due Tuesday 3/20: NO HW.
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Test Dates
3rd Period
6th Period
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AP Human Geography Exam
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