1/13/2017 - AP HUG: 2nd quarter Ambassador Project: 6th (1/19) and 7th (1/18)
Extra Credit: If you watch Black Hawk Down - Write a one page reflection which includes a quick summary of the film and present your opinion on the following: Was US involvement necessary? Why?. Also, what could have been done differently to make US involvement successful.
Weekly Agenda
Week Of: 1/17/2017 - 1/19/2017 Posted: 1.13.17
This Week in AP HUG... Finish presentations, ch. 7, and review for Midterm.
This Week in Block... Finish, review, and test on ch. 6 (Rome).
This Week in Leadership... Meet with Dr. Noto and continue planning for gator ball.
Today in Class
1/18/2017- Today in 7th period AP HUG... Presentations and discuss gender issues with examples from India, China, Sub-Sahara, and Muslim countries.
Today in leadership... Students met with Dr. Noto and they planned the red out for AHA.
AP Human Geography Homework
date posted
Friday, 1.13.17
6th period AP HUG - HW due Thursday 1/19: Midterm Review Sheet and Ambassador project.
7th period AP HUG - HW due Wednesday 1/18: Midterm Review Packet and Ambassador project.
Honors World History I Homework
date posted
Tuesday, 1.17.17
Block - HW due Thursday 1/19: SOL review sheet and study for the test on ch. 6.
Test Dates
6th Period
7th Period
AP Human Geography Exam
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