AP World History Homework
date posted
Thursday, 9.17.20
AP HUG - assignment due Tuesday 9/22: Quiz Unit I.
AP Classroom - I have released the practice quiz. It is timed. It is open until Sunday 12am.
Office hours: I reserved 9am to 10am just for your class on Monday.
Updates: Scale worksheet answers are posted in the Unit 1 folder. In addition, I added a cheat sheet for concepts to the folder as well.
Tuesday, 9.15.20
AP HUG - assignments due Thursday 9/17: Mini practice quiz (click on download to the right), review sheet for chapter 1, and scale practice w/s (located under the AP Human Geography tab, in chapter 1 folder).
Make sure you join AP Classroom via college board website. You need to enter an e-mail address different than your school e-mail. Our class code is GXXPZ4
Thursday, 9.10.20
Assignment for next Thursday 9/17: Test Unit I.
None Available
Tuesday, 9.08.20
Assignment due Thursday 9/10: Make sure you pick your ambassador country. Read, highlight, and annotate chapter 1.
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