The World According to Mrs. Petras
AP World History Homework
date posted
Tuesday, 2.23.21
Assignment for Thursday 2/25: Kuby reading and questions. In addition, please read, highlight, and annotate Unit 5 outline.
Thursday, 2.11.21
Assignment: We will have a test on Unit 4 next Thursday 2/18. Please use the resources in AP Classroom and on my website to help you get ready. Please e-mail me if you have any questions or need help.
Tuesday, 2.09.21
Assignments to work on: Projects and review sheet for Unit 4.
Thursday, 2.04.21
Assignment due Tuesday 2/9: Read, highlight, and annotate chapter 11.
Tuesday, 2.02.21
Assignment due Thursday 2/4: Read the Kuby article "Breaking up is hard to do..." and answer the questions in the following google doc.(google link: Make sure you copy the file so you can type in your answers.
Thursday, 1.28.21
Assignment due Tuesday 2/2: Please read, highlight, and annotate the outline for ch. 10 (political geography).
Tuesday, 1.26.21
Assignment due Thursday 1/28: Quiz on Ethnicity. Please use page 14 of the midterm review guide to study for the quiz.
Friday, 1.22.21
Assignment due Tuesday 1/26: Please do not buy or pay any fees to watch Hotel Rwanda. You can watch clips of it on YouTube. It will give you a sense of what happened. In addition, please research the conflict to understand what the conflict was about.
Tuesday, 1.19.21
Assignment due Thursday 1/21: Read, highlight, annotate ch. 9 outline.
Review sheet for ch. 9: It is page 14 of the Midterm review sheet under the AP HUG tab on top.
Thursday, 1.14.21
Assignment due Tuesday 1/19: Unit 3 test MC part. Also, read, highlight, and annotate ch. 9 (ethnicity).
Tuesday, 1.05.21
Assignments to work on: Group project on culture, Ambassador project, and review sheet for our test next week.
Thursday, 12.17.20
Assignment: Have a happy and safe holiday break. See you in 2021!
None Available
Wednesday, 12.16.20
Assignment due before class on Thursday 12/17: Reading/questions on religious conflict in Ireland.
Tuesday, 12.15.20
Assignment due Thursday 12/17: Reading/questions on religious conflict in Ireland.
Friday, 12.11.20
Assignment due Tuesday 12/15: Take care of the progress check questions for unit 3 in AP Classroom.
None Available
Tuesday, 12.08.20
Assignment due Thursday 12/10: Please work on your religions' presentations.
None Available
Thursday, 12.03.20
Assignment for Tuesday 12/8: Please read the outline on religions, and make sure that you sign up for a religion. Here is the link:
Tuesday, 12.01.20
Assignment due Thursday 12/3: Quiz on Language (ch. 7).
Tuesday, 11.24.20
Enjoy your Thanksgiving and take a break from the computer.
None Available
Thursday, 11.19.20
Assignment due Tuesday 11/24: Reading and questions on the History of English.
Tuesday, 11.17.20
Assignment for Thursday 11/19: Read the outline for ch. 7 - language.
Tuesday, 11.10.20
Assignment due Tuesday 11/17: Review sheet for Culture and you will have a quiz on culture Thursday 11/19.
Friday, 11.06.20
Assignment due Tuesday 11/10: Please read the Kuby article and answer the reading questions.

Unit 2 test re-take: Monday 11/9.
Tuesday, 10.27.20
Assignment for Thursday 10/27 and Thursday 11/5: Read the outline for ch. 5 (culture), look and familiarize yourself with the handout on pop and folk culture. In addition, please answer the questions for the Amish reading. I will scan and e-mail the reading to you via blackboard.
Thursday, 10.22.20
Assignment due Tuesday 10/27: Unit II test.

Extra Credit: This is the link you need to use to do the extra credit questions.
Tuesday, 10.20.20
Assignment due Thursday 10/22: Migration paper.
Thursday, 10.15.20
Assignment due Tuesday 10/20: Work on the review sheet for population and migration.
Tuesday, 10.13.20
Assignments due Thursday 10/15: Current event and read ch. 5 (migration) outline.
Thursday, 10.08.20
Assignment due Tuesday 10/13: Quiz on population chapters 3 and 4.
Tuesday, 10.06.20
AP HUG - Assignments to work on for Thursday 10/19 and next Tuesday 10/15: Population review sheet and diffusion reading and questions.
Thursday, 10.01.20
AP HUG - Assignment due Tuesday 10/6: Ambassador project and you can start working on the review sheet for population quiz.
Tuesday, 9.29.20
Assignment due Thursday 10/1: Watch "The World in Balance - the population paradox" ( , and answer the questions on the viewing guide.
Thursday, 9.24.20
Assignment due Tuesday 9/29: Finish reading the outline for ch. 3, and work on your long term projects.
Tuesday, 9.22.20
Assignment due Thursday 9/24: MC part of our Unit I test (fingers crossed), and read the outline for unit 2, ch. 3.
Thursday, 9.17.20
AP HUG - assignment due Tuesday 9/22: Quiz Unit I.
AP Classroom - I have released the practice quiz. It is timed. It is open until Sunday 12am.
Office hours: I reserved 9am to 10am just for your class on Monday.
Updates: Scale worksheet answers are posted in the Unit 1 folder. In addition, I added a cheat sheet for concepts to the folder as well.
Tuesday, 9.15.20
AP HUG - assignments due Thursday 9/17: Mini practice quiz (click on download to the right), review sheet for chapter 1, and scale practice w/s (located under the AP Human Geography tab, in chapter 1 folder).
Make sure you join AP Classroom via college board website. You need to enter an e-mail address different than your school e-mail. Our class code is GXXPZ4
Thursday, 9.10.20
Assignment for next Thursday 9/17: Test Unit I.
None Available
Tuesday, 9.08.20
Assignment due Thursday 9/10: Make sure you pick your ambassador country. Read, highlight, and annotate chapter 1.
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