The World According to Mrs. Petras
AP World History Homework
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Tuesday, 9.22.20
3rd and 7th - Assignment due Thursday 9/24: No assignment due.

Make up work: Please check SIS, you have until Tuesday 9/30 to make up assignments for a late grade before the assessment.

Also you can start to study for your assessment on Paleo, Neo, and cities on Tuesday 9/30.

long term assignment:migration story due 10/8.
Sunday, 9.20.20
3rd and 7th - Assignment due on Tuesday 9/22: You do not have any assignments due on Tuesday.

If you still need to finish your map of migration assignments, here is the link:

However, you can start on your long term writing assignment - migration story. Please find the instruction to the right.
Tuesday, 9.15.20
3rd and 7th - assignment for Thursday 9/17: Quiz on 5 continents, oceans, 5 themes of geography, vocab, and historical dates. You can use your notes.
Also, if you are missing any assignments (timeline, 5 themes of geography, 1st day survey), you have until this Friday 9/18 to turn them in for full credit.
Thursday, 9.10.20
3rd and 7th teamed World I - assignment due Tuesday 9/15 (you have 6 days to do this): Create a timeline of your life. Include 4 dates with images from before you were born (by), and 4 dates with images from after you were born (ay). The events could be something that have to do with you or something significant that happened in history.
If you click on "download" to the left, you will see an example.
Don't forget citation.
Wednesday, 9.09.20
3rd and 7th - Assignment due Thursday 9/10: Choose your favorite spot or a place you would like to visit, and apply the 5 themes (location, place, movement, human & environment interaction, region) of geography to it. Look at Slide 6 of the PowerPoint (click on download to the right to see the PowerPoint).
Here is the link for the video on geography:
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