AP World History Homework
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Monday, 2.24.20
7th - assignment due Wednesday 2/26: Map quiz. We will review tomorrow during stinger 7.
None Available
Thursday, 2.20.20
7th - assignment: Please check your grade, and see us if you are missing an assignment or you need help.
None Available
Tuesday, 2.18.20
7th - assignment due Thursday 2/20: Study your review sheet for the quiz on classical India/China on Thursday 2/20.
Thursday, 2.13.20
7th - assignment due Monday 2/18: Map quiz - classical India, and China.
Wednesday, 2.12.20
7th - Assignment due Thursday 2/13: Finish your maps please.
Wednesday, 2.12.20
7th - Assignment due Thursday 2/13: Finish your maps please.
Tuesday, 2.11.20
7th - 2/12: make sure you bring your computers charged for stinger tomorrow.
None Available
Friday, 2.07.20
7th - HW due Tuesday 2/11: Study for the 2nd quarter test, and bring your computers to class.
None Available
Wednesday, 2.05.20
7th - if your were absent today: Look over the PowerPoint on my website for Roman achievements. You can also see me before or after school tomorrow to get caught up.
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Thursday, 1.30.20
Teamed 7th - 1/30: If you were absent today, please check with me and Mr. Moylan during stinger 7 tomorrow 1/31.
None Available
Friday, 1.24.20
Teamed 7th - 1/24: If your were absent today we studied life during Pax Roman - you can read the textbook - Ch. 7, lesson 3.
None Available
Friday, 1.17.20
Enjoy your weekend.
None Available
Wednesday, 1.15.20
7th - HW due Friday 1/17: Quiz on the Rome map. We will review tomorrow during stinger.
None Available
Monday, 1.13.20
7th Teamed - Due Wednesday 1/15: Finish map of Rome.
None Available
Thursday, 1.09.20
Teamed 7th - Test on Greece. We will review in class on Monday.
None Available
Tuesday, 1.07.20
7th - assignment due Thursday 1/9: Review the PowerPoint.
Friday, 12.20.19
Have a great break.
None Available
Tuesday, 12.10.19
7th period teamed - HW due next week: Re-test for Greece part I next Thursday during stinger 7. Please study your review sheet and the original test.
None Available
Friday, 12.06.19
7th - HW due Tuesday 12/10: If you already have not, please finish your packet on Greece (part I).
None Available
Wednesday, 12.04.19
7th - HW due Friday 12/6: Test on the first part of Greece. Study your review sheet.
Monday, 12.02.19
7th period - assignment due Friday 12/6: Test on Greece (1st half of the chapter).
Monday, 11.25.19
7th - HW due Monday 12/2: Enjoy your Thanksgiving break.
None Available
Thursday, 11.21.19
7th period - Friday 11/22: We will finish and do test corrections. Also, you can review for the map quiz on Monday 11/25.
None Available
Tuesday, 11.19.19
7th period - Thursday 11/21: Stay after school to take the 1st quarter test (if you were absent last week), finish the test, and do test corrections.
None Available
Friday, 11.15.19
7th - NO assignments due.
None Available
Wednesday, 11.13.19
7th - HW due Friday 11/15: Study the review sheet for the 1st quarter test.
Monday, 11.11.19
7th period - Work due Stinger 7 tomorrow: Look over the review sheet from Empires (standard 4), and the warm up we did in class. You will do quiz corrections tomorrow during stinger 7.
Thursday, 11.07.19
7th period - HW due Monday 11/11: Finish work on Religions.
None Available
Saturday, 11.02.19
7th - HW due Thursday 11/7: Quiz on empires.
Wednesday, 10.30.19
7th - HW due Friday 11/1: Nothing.
None Available
Monday, 10.28.19
7th period - HW due Wednesday 10/30: Map quiz on the Persian Empire.
None Available
Thursday, 10.24.19
7th period - HW due Monday 10/28: If you were absent do the Assyrian reading guide and the values activity sheet.
Tuesday, 10.22.19
7th period - Organize your binder and finish the map of the Persian Empire.
Friday, 10.18.19
7th - HW due Tuesday 10/22: Finish the worksheet with the Code of Hammurabi.
None Available
Friday, 10.11.19
7th - HW due Friday 10/18: Finish extra credit.
None Available
Wednesday, 10.09.19
7th period - HW due Friday 10/11: Do the review sheet to study for the test on Friday 10/11. Also, make sure you do your vocab list for chapter 2 (due Friday 10/11).
Monday, 10.07.19
7th - HW due Wednesday 10/9: Egypt group - please finish PowerPoint and share it with me.
None Available
Thursday, 10.03.19
7th - HW due Monday 10/7: Map quiz on river valley civilizations.
None Available
Tuesday, 10.01.19
7th - HW due Thursday 10/3: Get ready for your presentation.
None Available
Friday, 9.27.19
7th - HW due Tuesday 10/1: Finish presentations and make sure you share your information with Mrs. Petras and Mr. Moylan.
None Available
Monday, 9.23.19
HW due Wednesday 9/25: Quiz on the characteristics of civilization and the river valley of Mesopotamia. Also, the vocab for chapter 1 is due on Wednesday as well.
Friday, 9.20.19
7th period - assignment due Wednesday 9/25: Finish the vocabulary for chapter 1.
None Available
Friday, 9.20.19
7th period - assignment due Wednesday 9/25: Finish the vocabulary for chapter 1.
Wednesday, 9.11.19
7th - HW due Friday 9/13: Test Chapter 1, lessons 1 and 3. Study your review sheet. Also, your vocab for chapter 1, lessons 1 and 2 are due on Friday 9/13.
Monday, 9.09.19
7th period - HW due Wednesday 9/11: Review sheet for the test on Friday 9/13.
HW due Friday 9/13: Test ch. 1, lessons 1 & 2. Also, the vocab for ch. 1 lessons 1 & 2 are due Friday 9/13.
Thursday, 9.05.19
HW due Monday 9/9: Map quiz (the map of migration).
None Available
Tuesday, 9.03.19
HW due Monday 9/9: Vocab quiz.
None Available
Wednesday, 8.28.19
7th period - HW due Tuesday 9/3: Signature syllabus sheet.
Monday, 8.26.19
7th period HW due Wednesday 8/28: Syllabus signature sheet.
None Available
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