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AP World History Homework
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Tuesday, 1.19.21
Assignment due Thursday 1/21: Quiz on sections 4 and 5 of Greece (Alexander and Hellenistic culture). Study your notes from class.
Thursday, 1.14.21
Assignment due Tuesday 1/19: Use the link below to read and answer the questions for sections 4 and 5 (Greece).
You have to copy and paste the link in order to open the assignment.
None Available
Tuesday, 1.05.21
Assignment due Tuesday 1/12: Please use the link below to make a copy and work on the review sheet for the test on Thursday 1/14.
None Available
Thursday, 12.17.20
Assignment: Have a happy and safe holiday break. See you in 2021!
None Available
Wednesday, 12.16.20
Assignment due before class on Thursday 12/17: Use the link below to answer the questions for Greece, section 3.
None Available
Thursday, 12.10.20
Assignment due Tuesday 12/15: You do not have anything due for Tuesday. However, you can still turn in your section 1 and 2 questions for Greece. Use the link below:
None Available
Wednesday, 12.09.20
Assignment due Thursday 12/10: Answer the questions for Greece, section 2. Please share you assignment with us, before class on Thursday 12/10, when you have finished both sections 1 and 2.

link for the assignment:
None Available
Thursday, 12.03.20
Assignment due Tuesday 12/8: Please study the review Sheet (I sent the review sheet to everyone via blackboard) for the quiz on Persians and China on Tuesday 12/8.
If you need help, e-mail us and we can set up a time during office hours from 8am to 11am on Monday 12/7.
Tuesday, 12.01.20
Assignment due Thursday 12/3: Chapter 4 review sheet. Please use the link below:
None Available
Tuesday, 11.24.20
Assignment: Enjoy your Thanksgiving and take a break from the computer.
None Available
Thursday, 11.19.20
3rd and 7th - Assignment due before class Tuesday 11/24: If you have not finished the Persian empire assignment, please do so using the link below.
None Available
Tuesday, 11.17.20
3rd and 7th - Assignment for Thursday 11/19: Test on ch. 3. Please use the link for the review sheet with answers to study for the test.
None Available
Thursday, 11.12.20
Assignment due Tuesday 11/17: Use the link below to answer the review sheet questions. Use your notes and google slide assignments to finish the review sheet.

Test on chapter 3 Thursday 11/19
Thursday, 11.05.20
Assignment due Thursday 11/12: Watch a 6 minute film:

Create 4 google slides on Phoenicians which you will share with us ( and

Slide 1 (3.5 points): Title Map – Showing where the Phoenicians were from (their homeland)
What was their main occupation
Slide 2 (1.5 points):
List 3 accomplishment (achievements)
Slide 3 (4 points):
In your opinion which achievement was the most important and why?
Slide 4 (1 point): Citation

chapter 2 test retake - Monday 11/9 at 9am.
Thursday, 10.29.20
3rd and 7th: Assignment due Thursday 10/29: Please use the following link to do the assignment on Indo-European migration.
Assignment for during class on Thursday 10/29: I e-mailed that assignment to all of you via blackboard. You are to read pages 66-71 in the textbook and fill out the two charts on Hinduism and Buddhism. Do your best. If you have questions, just e-mail me or Mr. Moylan.

Please do not do the chart for Judaism.
Thursday, 10.22.20
3rd and 7th - Assignment due Tuesday 10/27: Chapter 2 Test.
Tuesday, 10.20.20
3rd and 7th - assignment due Thursday 10/22: Chapter 2 review sheet. We will collect and grade this assignment.
Thursday, 10.15.20
3rd and 7th - Assignment due Tuesday 10/20: You do not have anything due.
Re-take for ch. 1 test is Monday 10/19 at 9am.
None Available
Tuesday, 10.13.20
3rd and 7th - assignment due Thursday 10/15: Make sure your part of the group work is finished and you are ready to present.
Thursday, 10.08.20
3rd and 7th - Assignment due Thursday 9/10: Choose your favorite spot or a place you would like to visit, and apply the 5 themes (location, place, movement, human & environment interaction, region) of geography to it. Look at Slide 6 of the PowerPoint (click on download to the right to see the PowerPoint).
Here is the link for the video on geography:

Link for the class survey:
Thursday, 10.08.20
3rd and 7th - assignment due Tuesday 10/13: Map quiz on River Valley Civilizations. You need to study the locations of the following:
Nile river
Tigris and Euphrates rivers
Indus River
Yellow and Yangtze rivers.
None Available
Tuesday, 10.06.20
3rd and 7th teamed World I - assignment due Thursday 10/8: Migration story.
Thursday, 10.01.20
3rd and 7th Teamed World I - assignment due 10/6: Nothing is due 10/6.
However you need to share your map of the river valley civilizations with Mrs. Petras or Mr. Moylan at the latest by tomorrow.
The link for the assignment is:
Make sure you go to file and make a copy of the entire presentation first.
Tuesday, 9.29.20
Teamed 3rd and 7th - assignment due Thursday 10/1: You do not have an assignment due.
However, you can work on your migration assignment which is due 10/8.
Monday, 9.28.20
Teamed 3rd and 7th - assignment due Tuesday 9/29: Test on Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Cities. Study your notes and use the resources ch. 1 folder, under your class Tab (on top in red).
On the review sheet: Do not worry about Mesopotamia. We will study that civilization in ch. 2.
Tuesday, 9.22.20
3rd and 7th - Assignment due Thursday 9/24: No assignment due.

Make up work: Please check SIS, you have until Tuesday 9/30 to make up assignments for a late grade before the assessment.

Also you can start to study for your assessment on Paleo, Neo, and cities on Tuesday 9/30.

long term assignment:migration story due 10/8.
Sunday, 9.20.20
3rd and 7th - Assignment due on Tuesday 9/22: You do not have any assignments due on Tuesday.

If you still need to finish your map of migration assignments, here is the link:

However, you can start on your long term writing assignment - migration story. Please find the instruction to the right.
Tuesday, 9.15.20
3rd and 7th - assignment for Thursday 9/17: Quiz on 5 continents, oceans, 5 themes of geography, vocab, and historical dates. You can use your notes.
Also, if you are missing any assignments (timeline, 5 themes of geography, 1st day survey), you have until this Friday 9/18 to turn them in for full credit.
Thursday, 9.10.20
3rd and 7th teamed World I - assignment due Tuesday 9/15 (you have 6 days to do this): Create a timeline of your life. Include 4 dates with images from before you were born (by), and 4 dates with images from after you were born (ay). The events could be something that have to do with you or something significant that happened in history.
If you click on "download" to the left, you will see an example.
Don't forget citation.
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