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AP World History Homework
date posted
Thursday, 6.10.21
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Friday, 6.04.21
Assignment due Thursday 6/10: Presentations.
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Friday, 5.28.21
Assignment for Tuesday 6/1: 2nd quarter presentations!
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Thursday, 5.27.21
Good luck in the Exam. Please log into your computers by 11:30am.
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Friday, 5.21.21
Assignment due Thursday 5/27: 4th quarter project.
Tuesday, 5.18.21
Assignment for Thursday 5/20: Final Exam - FRQs.
None Available
Friday, 5.14.21
Assignment due Sunday 5/16: Please e-mail me your answers for the practice exam.
Assignment for Tuesday 5/18: Study for the MC part of our final exam.
Thursday, 5.06.21
Assignment for Tuesday 5/11: Please read ch. 14 and do the 3 w/s on development.
Tuesday, 5.04.21
Assignment for Thursday 5/6: Reading and questions on "a brief history..."
Thursday, 4.29.21
Assignment due Tuesday 5/4: Read the outline for ch. 13.
Tuesday, 4.27.21
Assignment for Thursday 4/29: Test - economic development.
Tuesday, 4.20.21
Assignment: 4th quarter project and Unit 6 test next Thursday 4/29.
Thursday, 4.15.21
Assignment to work on: 4th quarter project.
Tuesday, 4.13.21
Assignment due Thursday 4/15: Quiz on Industry. Please ignore the title on the review sheet. Ch. 11 was the old book.
Thursday, 4.08.21
Assignment due Tuesday 4/13: Review sheet for Industry. On the review sheet it says ch. 11 (In the old book ch. 11 is ch. 16 in the new book)
Tuesday, 4.06.21
Assignment due before class on Thursday 4/8: Answer the questions for globalization of economy.
Thursday, 3.25.21
Have a great spring break.
None Available
Tuesday, 3.23.21
Assignment due Thursday 3/25: Please read the outline for Unit 6. E-mail me any questions since I will be going beyond the outline.
Tuesday, 3.16.21
Assignment due Tuesday 3/23: Test on Unit 5 (Agriculture).
Thursday, 3.11.21
Assignment due Tuesday 3/16: Review sheet and please work on your group projects.
Tuesday, 3.09.21
Assignment for this week: Review sheet for unit 5.
Thursday, 3.04.21
Assignment due before class on Tuesday 3/9: Reading and questions on Agriculture/technology. To read the article, just copy and past the article title including the author's name.
Tuesday, 3.02.21
Assignment for this week: Work on Projects.
Tuesday, 2.23.21
Assignment for Thursday 2/25: Kuby reading and questions. In addition, please read, highlight, and annotate Unit 5 outline.
Thursday, 2.11.21
Assignment: We will have a test on Unit 4 next Thursday 2/18. Please use the resources in AP Classroom and on my website to help you get ready. Please e-mail me if you have any questions or need help.
Tuesday, 2.09.21
Assignments to work on: Projects and review sheet for Unit 4.
Thursday, 2.04.21
Assignment due Tuesday 2/9: Read, highlight, and annotate chapter 11.
Tuesday, 2.02.21
Assignment due Thursday 2/4: Read the Kuby article "Breaking up is hard to do..." and answer the questions in the following google doc.(google link: Make sure you copy the file so you can type in your answers.
Thursday, 1.28.21
Assignment due Tuesday 2/2: Please read, highlight, and annotate the outline for ch. 10 (political geography).
Tuesday, 1.26.21
Assignment due Thursday 1/28: Quiz on Ethnicity. Please use page 14 of the midterm review guide to study for the quiz.
Friday, 1.22.21
Assignment due Tuesday 1/26: Please do not buy or pay any fees to watch Hotel Rwanda. You can watch clips of it on YouTube. It will give you a sense of what happened. In addition, please research the conflict to understand what the conflict was about.
Tuesday, 1.19.21
Assignment due Thursday 1/21: Read, highlight, annotate ch. 9 outline.
Review sheet for ch. 9: It is page 14 of the Midterm review sheet under the AP HUG tab on top.
Thursday, 1.14.21
Assignment due Tuesday 1/19: Unit 3 test MC part. Also, read, highlight, and annotate ch. 9 (ethnicity).
Tuesday, 1.05.21
Assignments to work on: Group project on culture, Ambassador project, and review sheet for our test next week.
Thursday, 12.17.20
Assignment: Have a happy and safe holiday break. See you in 2021!
None Available
Wednesday, 12.16.20
Assignment due before class on Thursday 12/17: Reading/questions on religious conflict in Ireland.
Tuesday, 12.15.20
Assignment due Thursday 12/17: Reading/questions on religious conflict in Ireland.
Friday, 12.11.20
Assignment due Tuesday 12/15: Take care of the progress check questions for unit 3 in AP Classroom.
None Available
Tuesday, 12.08.20
Assignment due Thursday 12/10: Please work on your religions' presentations.
None Available
Thursday, 12.03.20
Assignment for Tuesday 12/8: Please read the outline on religions, and make sure that you sign up for a religion. Here is the link:
Tuesday, 12.01.20
Assignment due Thursday 12/3: Quiz on Language (ch. 7).
Tuesday, 11.24.20
Enjoy your Thanksgiving and take a break from the computer.
None Available
Thursday, 11.19.20
Assignment due Tuesday 11/24: Reading and questions on the History of English.
Tuesday, 11.17.20
Assignment for Thursday 11/19: Read the outline for ch. 7 - language.
Tuesday, 11.10.20
Assignment due Tuesday 11/17: Review sheet for Culture and you will have a quiz on culture Thursday 11/19.
Friday, 11.06.20
Assignment due Tuesday 11/10: Please read the Kuby article and answer the reading questions.

Unit 2 test re-take: Monday 11/9.
Tuesday, 10.27.20
Assignment for Thursday 10/27 and Thursday 11/5: Read the outline for ch. 5 (culture), look and familiarize yourself with the handout on pop and folk culture. In addition, please answer the questions for the Amish reading. I will scan and e-mail the reading to you via blackboard.
Thursday, 10.22.20
Assignment due Tuesday 10/27: Unit II test.

Extra Credit: This is the link you need to use to do the extra credit questions.
Tuesday, 10.20.20
Assignment due Thursday 10/22: Migration paper.
Thursday, 10.15.20
Assignment due Tuesday 10/20: Work on the review sheet for population and migration.
Tuesday, 10.13.20
Assignments due Thursday 10/15: Current event and read ch. 5 (migration) outline.
Thursday, 10.08.20
Assignment due Tuesday 10/13: Quiz on population chapters 3 and 4.
Tuesday, 10.06.20
AP HUG - Assignments to work on for Thursday 10/19 and next Tuesday 10/15: Population review sheet and diffusion reading and questions.
Thursday, 10.01.20
AP HUG - Assignment due Tuesday 10/6: Ambassador project and you can start working on the review sheet for population quiz.
Tuesday, 9.29.20
Assignment due Thursday 10/1: Watch "The World in Balance - the population paradox" ( , and answer the questions on the viewing guide.
Thursday, 9.24.20
Assignment due Tuesday 9/29: Finish reading the outline for ch. 3, and work on your long term projects.
Tuesday, 9.22.20
Assignment due Thursday 9/24: MC part of our Unit I test (fingers crossed), and read the outline for unit 2, ch. 3.
Thursday, 9.17.20
AP HUG - assignment due Tuesday 9/22: Quiz Unit I.
AP Classroom - I have released the practice quiz. It is timed. It is open until Sunday 12am.
Office hours: I reserved 9am to 10am just for your class on Monday.
Updates: Scale worksheet answers are posted in the Unit 1 folder. In addition, I added a cheat sheet for concepts to the folder as well.
Tuesday, 9.15.20
AP HUG - assignments due Thursday 9/17: Mini practice quiz (click on download to the right), review sheet for chapter 1, and scale practice w/s (located under the AP Human Geography tab, in chapter 1 folder).
Make sure you join AP Classroom via college board website. You need to enter an e-mail address different than your school e-mail. Our class code is GXXPZ4
Thursday, 9.10.20
Assignment for next Thursday 9/17: Test Unit I.
None Available
Tuesday, 9.08.20
Assignment due Thursday 9/10: Make sure you pick your ambassador country. Read, highlight, and annotate chapter 1.
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