activity series  
  bond energy
  bond lengths


  common names

  conversion factors: energy

  conversion factors: length

  conversion factors: mass

  conversion factors: pressure

  conversion factors: temp.

  conversion factors: volume

  covalent prefixes

  density solver

  diatomic elements

  e-config. chart

  element list

  gas law formulas

  Ka's of polyprotic acids

  Ka's of weak acids

  Kb's of weak bases

  metric conversion chart

  mole conversion chart

  molecular geometries

  organic prefixes

  periodic table

  periodic table (flash)

  pH/pOH converter

  polyatomic ions

  pressure converter

  SI units

  solubility chart

  solubility of salts rules

  solubility product constants

  stoichiometry chart

  temp. conversion

  temp. formulas

  thermodynamic data

  vapor pressure of water

Period 3 Homework

Period 3 Homework
  July - 2019  
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date assigned
Monday, 8.26.19
Honors Chemistry Section 1. Begins: 8/26/2019
None Available
Thursday, 1.10.19
Review the chapter 8/9 outline.
Tuesday, 1.08.19
Review the chapter 8/9 outline.
Wednesday, 12.05.18
Review the chapter 7 outline.
Monday, 12.03.18
Study for Wednesday's test. Review session before and after school on Tuesday.
None Available
Tuesday, 11.27.18
Review returned work. Questions will be answered by request in Stinger on Friday and in class on Thursday. Test on 14 & 15 is on Wednesday next week.
None Available
Tuesday, 11.20.18
Complete AP HW 15_2.
Monday, 10.01.18
Complete the Chapter 5 & 6 Partner Quiz
Thursday, 9.20.18
Finish the Warm-Up #2.
None Available
Tuesday, 9.18.18
Review the chapter 5 outline.
Friday, 9.14.18
Review the chapter 5 AP outline and complete the pre-quiz on the last page.
Wednesday, 9.12.18
Study for the first test.
None Available
Monday, 9.10.18
Complete the exam 1 practice test.
Thursday, 9.06.18
Complete the worksheets on redox balancing and molarity.
Tuesday, 9.04.18
Review the chapter 4 outline.
Thursday, 8.30.18
Complete Chapter 3 Homework #1.
Tuesday, 8.28.18
Get your safety contract signed. Study elements 1-18 for a quiz on Thursday. Review chapter 3 outline. We will cover the entire chapter on Thursday.
Tuesday, 6.06.17
Complete the practice test. Test on Monday.
Friday, 6.02.17
Complete the worksheet on pH of weak acids and bases. Take the 4th Qtr SMARTR quiz. The score counts.
Friday, 5.26.17
Complete the packet on Acids & Bases.
Wednesday, 5.24.17
Complete the Kp & Q worksheet.
Monday, 5.22.17
Complete the worksheet on LeChatelier.
Thursday, 5.18.17
Complete the worksheet on equilibrium.
Tuesday, 5.16.17
Complete the chapter 12 & chapter 13 vocabulary.
Wednesday, 5.10.17
Complete the conductance worksheet and the practice test. The Chapter 11 test is on Tuesday.
Monday, 5.08.17
Complete the worksheet on molality, percent mass, percent volume, mole fraction.
Tuesday, 5.02.17
Complete the first packet on solutions.
Friday, 4.28.17
Complete the chapter 11 vocabulary.
Wednesday, 4.26.17
Complete the post-lab questions. Study for Friday's test on gas laws.
Monday, 4.24.17
Prepare for Wednesday's lab.
None Available
Thursday, 4.20.17
Finish gas stoichiometry worksheet. Do practice test 2.
Tuesday, 4.18.17
Complete the worksheet on vapor pressure and the gas laws pre-quiz practice.
Thursday, 4.06.17
Complete the packet on combined, ideal Graham and Velocity gas laws.
Tuesday, 4.04.17
Complete the packet on Dalton's, Boyle's, Charles' and Gay-Lussac's gas laws.
Friday, 3.31.17
Complete the chapter 10 vocabulary.
Monday, 3.27.17
Complete the practice test. Test on Friday.
Thursday, 3.23.17
Complete worksheets on bond energy and entropy.
Thursday, 3.16.17
Complete the worksheets on energy stoichiometry and Hess's law.
Friday, 3.10.17
Complete problems 2-4 on the heats of solution worksheet and the remaining problems on the heats of reaction worksheet.
Wednesday, 3.08.17
Complete the packet on phase changes.
Monday, 3.06.17
Complete the packet on specific heat capacity and phase change calculations.
Thursday, 3.02.17
Complete problems 3-11 in part 1 on specific heat.capacity.
Tuesday, 2.28.17
Study for your test on stoichiometry. Complete the chapter 9 vocabulary.
Friday, 2.24.17
Complete the chapter 8 practice test.
Wednesday, 2.22.17
Complete the worksheet on limiting reagent and percent yield.
Friday, 2.17.17
Complete the hydrates lab. Stoichiometry quiz on Tuesday.
Wednesday, 2.15.17
Finish the stoichiometry worksheet.
Monday, 2.13.17
Finish the stoichiometry worksheet. Study for Wednesday's midterm. Chapters 1-6.
Thursday, 2.09.17
Complete the chapter 8 vocabulary. Study for next Wednesday's midterm.
Tuesday, 2.07.17
Study for Chemical Quantities test on 2/9. Midterm is 2/15.
None Available
Thursday, 2.02.17
Complete at least two problems in each section of the hydrates worksheet. Complete all of the practice test.
Tuesday, 1.31.17
Complete the worksheet on combustion analysis.
Friday, 1.27.17
Complete the mole airlines worksheet.
Wednesday, 1.25.17
Complete the worksheet on empirical and molecular formulas. Retakes for the chapter 6 will be 2/1 and 2/2 after school. Your corrections must be submitted at least one day be for you take the retake.
Monday, 1.23.17
Complete the even numbered problems on percent composition, mass composition and mole conversions. Complete the quarter 2 SMARTR quiz on blackboard.
Wednesday, 1.18.17
Complete the chapter 7 vocabulary and the worksheet on gram formula mass.
Friday, 1.13.17
Study for the chemical reactions test. Finish your lab if you didn't already turn it in.
None Available
Wednesday, 1.11.17
Complete the practice test on chemical reactions.
Monday, 1.09.17
Complete the worksheet on oxide reactions and net ionic equations.
Thursday, 1.05.17
Complete the worksheet on chemical reaction practice.
Tuesday, 1.03.17
Complete the chemical reactions packet.
Thursday, 12.15.16
COMPLETED Science fair forms due.
None Available
Tuesday, 12.13.16
Define the chapter 6 vocabulary terms. Complete the balancing equations worksheet.
Friday, 12.09.16
Study for the covalent compounds test.
None Available
Wednesday, 12.07.16
Complete the chapter 6 practice test and the chapter 6 SOL questions.
Monday, 12.05.16
Complete the worksheet on inter and intra molecular forces.
Thursday, 12.01.16
Complete the worksheet on bond and molecular polarity.
Tuesday, 11.29.16
Complete the worksheet on valence shell electron pair repulsion. Also, forms 1, 1A and 1B and a revised version of the research plan for science fair is due on Thursday.
Wednesday, 11.23.16
Complete 1-10 in the packet and the column on hybridization in the chart.
Monday, 11.21.16
Complete the covalent nomenclature worksheet. Complete the formula and structural formula on the exceptions to the octet rule worksheet.
Thursday, 11.17.16
Complete page 3 on structural formulas and the chapter 5 vocabulary.
Tuesday, 11.15.16
Finish up your lab and study for chapter 4 test on Thursday.
Friday, 11.11.16
Complete the packet on properties of salts and the chapter 4 practice test. We will also take the Period 6 quiz.
Wednesday, 11.09.16
Complete the packet on stock and common naming system. There will be a quiz on period six elements on Friday.
Thursday, 11.03.16
Complete the worksheet on binary and ternary ionic compounds. Qtr 1 SMARTR quiz on e-cart is due by Monday.
Tuesday, 11.01.16
Complete the chapter 4 vocabulary. Make flash cards for selected polyatomic ions. Complete the oxidation states worksheet. There is a quiz on the selected polyatomic ions on Thursday. Science Fair Research plans are due by Friday.
Friday, 10.28.16
Study for Tuesday's exam.
None Available
Wednesday, 10.26.16
Complete the chapter 3 practice test.
Monday, 10.24.16
Complete the two worksheets on the periodic table and trends.
Thursday, 10.20.16
Complete the worksheet on dot diagrams and ions. Color the periodic table worksheet. Quiz on elements 1-54 next class.
Friday, 10.14.16
Study for Tuesday's test. Take on-line quizzes.
None Available
Wednesday, 10.12.16
Complete the entire practice test and as much as you can on the electromagnetic spectrum/flame test lab. It will be due at the end of next class.
Thursday, 10.06.16
For the first part write complete electron configurations. For parts 2 & 3 write short cut electron configurations.
Tuesday, 10.04.16
Complete the worksheet on nuclear chemistry.
Friday, 9.30.16
Complete the worksheet on isotopes. Retake window is open until 10/13. You must make an appointment with me and do all test corrections in order to be able to take the retake.
Wednesday, 9.28.16
Complete the chapter 2 vocabulary. Finish the scientists worksheet. Science fair idea forms are due on Friday. I need one from everyone.
Monday, 9.26.16
Study for Wednesday's test.
None Available
Thursday, 9.22.16
No new homework. Test is postponed to Wednesday.
None Available
Tuesday, 9.20.16
Complete the chapter 1 practice test. Study elements 1-36 for a name and symbol quiz.
Friday, 9.16.16
Complete your typed lab report (one per group). Complete questions 1-20 SOL multiple choice questions.
Wednesday, 9.14.16
Complete the worksheet on dimensional analysis.
Monday, 9.12.16
Complete problems 1-5 on scientific notation, density and metric conversions.
Thursday, 9.08.16
Complete the chapter 1 vocabulary. Complete the e-cart Chemistry SMARTR Pretest. Complete the e-cart Chemistry Safety quiz. There will be a quiz on Significant Figure Calculations and Temperature conversions next class.
Tuesday, 9.06.16
Register at Get the safety contract signed and study elements 1-18, names and symbols, for a quiz on Thursday.
Friday, 6.12.15
Study for your final exam.
None Available
Wednesday, 6.10.15
Complete the Final Exam review packet.
Monday, 6.08.15
No homework. We will make tie-dyes on Wednesday. On Friday we will make ice cream and go over the final exam review. Final exam is 6/16.
Thursday, 6.04.15
Study for Monday's Test.
None Available
Tuesday, 6.02.15
Complete the chapters 12 & 13 practice test. Complete the qtr 4 post test and the SMARTR qtr 4 test on e-cart.
None Available
Wednesday, 5.27.15
Study for Friday's SOL exam. Take the On-line quizzes for extra credit. They are due Friday morning.
None Available
Friday, 5.22.15
Complete the worksheet on Acids & Bases.
Wednesday, 5.20.15
Complete the worksheet on Kp & Q.
Monday, 5.18.15
Complete the worksheets on Equillibrium and Le Chatelier's Principal
Tuesday, 5.12.15
Complete the chapter 12 & 13 Vocabulary. Complete the Qtr 3 Post exam on Ecart.
Friday, 5.08.15
Study for your test on Tuesday.
None Available
Wednesday, 5.06.15
Complete the chapter 11 practice test. Test on Tuesday.
Monday, 5.04.15
Complete the worksheet on colligative properties.
Thursday, 4.30.15
Complete the evens on parts 1-4 and complete all in the mixed problems.
Tuesday, 4.28.15
Complete packet 1 on solutions.
Friday, 4.24.15
Complete the chapter 11 vocabulary. Complete 4 Qtr Pre-Exam on E-cart.
Wednesday, 4.22.15
Study for Friday's Gas Law Test. Complete the rest of your lab: Data table, calculations and post-lab questions.
Monday, 4.20.15
Complete the worksheet on Gas Stoichiometry.
Wednesday, 4.15.15
Read and complete the worksheet on Kinetic Molecular Theory and Vapor Pressure.
Monday, 4.13.15
Study for a quiz on gas laws.
None Available
Thursday, 4.09.15
Complete the ecart Qtr 3 SMARTR quiz. Complete the packet on Combined, Ideal, Gas Density, Graham's & Root Mean Square Velocity Problems. Complete the multiple choice practice problems.
Tuesday, 4.07.15
Complete worksheet on Dalton's, Boyle's, Charles's, Gay-Lussac & Avogadro's gas laws.
Thursday, 3.26.15
Complete the chapter 10 vocabulary. Have a relaxing break.
Tuesday, 3.24.15
Study for the test on Thursday.
None Available
Friday, 3.20.15
Complete the multiple choice practice worksheet. It will be graded. Complete the practice test. Test on Thursday.
Wednesday, 3.18.15
Complete 3,4 & 5 on bond energy. Predict the delta H, S & G signs for the evens. Do all calculations for the odds.
Friday, 3.13.15
Complete the even energy stoichiometry problems and all of the Hess's law problems.
Wednesday, 3.11.15
Complete problems 1-6 (all) & 9-15 (odd)
Monday, 3.09.15
Complete the worksheet on heats of solution.
Tuesday, 3.03.15
Complete the packet on Energy.
Friday, 2.27.15
Complete the chapter 9 vocabulary.
Wednesday, 2.25.15
Study for the stoichiometry test.Finish the stoichiometry lab.
Monday, 2.23.15
Complete the chapter 8 practice test.
Thursday, 2.19.15
Study for your midterm. You will have it even if there is a delay on Monday.
None Available
Thursday, 2.12.15
Complete the worksheet on intro to stoichiometry.
Tuesday, 2.10.15
Complete the chapter 8 vocabulary.
Friday, 2.06.15
Complete the hydrates lab and the qtr 3 e-cart quiz. Chapter 7 test on Tuesday.
Wednesday, 2.04.15
Complete the chapter 7 practice test.
Thursday, 1.29.15
Complete all problems on combustion analysis.
Friday, 1.23.15
Complete the odd numbered problems on empirical and molecular formula. Also complete the e-cart SMARTR test and the QTR 2 Post Test.
Friday, 1.16.15
Complete problems 1,3,5,7,9, 11 & 13-19 on molar mass & 1,3,5,7 & 9 on percent composition.
Monday, 1.12.15
Complete the chapter 7 vocabulary. You will take part 2 of the chemical reactions test on Wednesday. (15 questions 45 minutes)
Tuesday, 1.06.15
Complete the chemical reactions lab. Test on Thursday on chapter 6.
Friday, 12.19.14
Complete the chapter 6 practice test 2.
Wednesday, 12.17.14
Complete the worksheet on redox reactions/practice test.
Monday, 12.15.14
Complete the worksheet on oxide and net ionic reactions.
Thursday, 12.11.14
Complete the chemical reaction practice worksheet.
Tuesday, 12.09.14
Complete 1-10f on reactions and single replacement reactions.
Friday, 12.05.14
Complete the chapter 6 vocabulary.
Wednesday, 12.03.14
Complete your lab. Study for Friday's test.
Monday, 12.01.14
Complete the chapter 5 practice test. Test on Friday.
Tuesday, 11.25.14
Complete packets on bond polarity and intermolecular forces.
Friday, 11.21.14
Complete the worksheet on VSEPR.
Wednesday, 11.19.14
Complete the worksheet on exceptions to the octet rule. Complete everything except the questions on sigma and pi bonds.
Monday, 11.17.14
Complete the worksheet on structural formulas and resonance structures.
Thursday, 11.13.14
Complete the worksheet on chapter 5 vocabulary and the worksheet on covalent nomenclature. Study period 6 elements for a quiz.
Tuesday, 11.11.14
Complete all science fair forms. Finish the lab. Test on Thursday.
Friday, 11.07.14
Complete the worksheet on salts and complete the practice test.
Wednesday, 11.05.14
Complete part 2 of the homework on stock & common naming system (page 5). Complete the Qtr. 2 Pre-test on e-cart for completion. Science Fair Research Plan due on Friday.
Thursday, 10.30.14
Complete part I of the homework. Study elements 1-54 for a quiz. Complete your science fair research plan.
Tuesday, 10.28.14
Complete the worksheet on binary and ternary ionic compounds. Quiz next class on highlighted ionic compounds.
Friday, 10.24.14
Complete the SMARTR e-cart test. Complete the chapter 4 vocabulary. Make flash cards of the highlighted polyatomic ions.
Wednesday, 10.22.14
Study for your test on Friday. Complete the elements lab. Complete the Chapter 1 Post-test on E-cart for correctness. SMARTR Qtr 1 e-cart test is due by Tuesday.
Monday, 10.20.14
Complete the chapter 3 practice test.
Thursday, 10.16.14
Complete the worksheet on periodic trends.
Tuesday, 10.14.14
Complete the worksheet on periodic table groups.
Thursday, 10.09.14
Read the worksheet on the Periodic table. Color either the periodic tables in the packet or color the periodic tables on the page of periodic tables.
Tuesday, 10.07.14
Complete the vocabulary and the worksheet on Periodic Table Scientists worksheet.
Friday, 10.03.14
Complete the flame test lab. Test on Tuesday.
Wednesday, 10.01.14
Complete the worksheets on electron configuration and the chapter 2 practice test. Test on 10/7.
Friday, 9.26.14
Complete the nuclear chemistry packet. Science fair plan forms due (from everyone) on 9/30.
Wednesday, 9.24.14
Complete the review worksheet.
Monday, 9.22.14
Complete the worksheets on the history of the atom and isotopes.
Thursday, 9.18.14
Complete the chapter 2 vocabulary. Quiz on elements 1-36 on Monday.
Tuesday, 9.16.14
Complete your lab report. Study for your test. 33 on-line quizzes available.
Friday, 9.12.14
Complete the second practice test and prepare for your lab. The test is postponed until 9/18.
Wednesday, 9.10.14
Complete the vocab usage worksheet and the practice test.
Monday, 9.08.14
Complete the worksheet on vocabulary matching. Complete 1-5 on dimensional analysis.
Thursday, 9.04.14
Complete the chapter 1 vocabulary. Complete problems 1,3 & 4 on density and scientific notation calculations.
Tuesday, 9.02.14
Get safety sheet signed. Study elements 1-18 for a quiz. Take the chapter 1 pretest on e-cart. Register @ Vocabulary is due on Monday.
Monday, 6.16.14
Study for final exam. The question DB is attached. I also included the 2013 Honors final.
Thursday, 6.12.14
Study for your final exam. The attached document includes all questions I will pick from for the final exam. Questions and answers will be jumbled. There is no answer key as of yet but see me with any questions you may have. The formatting may have some issues but I wanted to get this out quickly.
Tuesday, 6.10.14
Turn in video evaluations, if you haven't already.
None Available
Friday, 6.06.14
Complete 4th qtr pre & post tests on e-cart.
None Available
Wednesday, 6.04.14
On e-cart, complete the following quizzes by Friday: Qtr 3 CT/TPEP, Qtr 4 CT/TPEP, Chemistry 3rd Qtr Post. Chapter 12 & 13 SOL questions due. Test on Friday on Equilibrium & Acids/Bases.
Monday, 6.02.14
Good Luck on your SOL exam tomorrow morning. Practice test due on Wednesday.
Thursday, 5.29.14
Complete the chapter 12 & 13 Practice Test.
Tuesday, 5.27.14
Intro to acids and bases worksheet due on Thursday.
Thursday, 5.22.14
Complete review worksheet 3.
Tuesday, 5.20.14
Complete review take home quiz 2.
Friday, 5.16.14
Complete the worksheet on K, Q & ICE. Complete the review worksheet.
Wednesday, 5.14.14
Complete worksheets on equilibrium and LeChatelier's principle.
Monday, 5.12.14
Complete the chapter 12 & 13 vocabulary.
Thursday, 5.08.14
Complete the Chapter 11 SOL questions. Study for the chapter 11 test.
Tuesday, 5.06.14
Complete the practice test. Test on Monday.
Friday, 5.02.14
Complete the worksheet on conductance and FPD & BPE.
Wednesday, 4.30.14
Complete the packet on solutions calculations.
Monday, 4.28.14
Complete worksheet 1 on solutions.
Thursday, 4.24.14
Complete the chapter 11 vocab.
Tuesday, 4.22.14
Complete the SOL questions & finish the lab. Test on Thursday.
Friday, 4.11.14
Complete practice test 2. test has been moved to the Thursday after break.
Wednesday, 4.09.14
Complete the chapter 10 practice test
Monday, 4.07.14
Finish problems on Root mean square velocity and graham's law. Complete the problems on gas stoichiometry. Complete the packet on kinetic molecular theory.
Friday, 4.04.14
Complete problems on combined, ideal and gas density.
Wednesday, 4.02.14
Complete the worksheet on the first 6 gas laws. Re-takes available Thursday after school until 3:30. The scores will be averaged, whether there is an increase or a decrease so please review before coming to the re-take.
Monday, 3.31.14
Complete the chapter 10 vocabulary.
Thursday, 3.27.14
Complete the chapter 9 SOL.
Tuesday, 3.25.14
Complete the chapter 9 practice test. Test on Monday.
Wednesday, 3.19.14
Complete 1-9 on Energy Stoichiometry and 1-12 on Hess's law.
Thursday, 3.13.14
Complete the packets on phase changes and heats of reaction.
Tuesday, 3.11.14
Complete parts 3 & 4 on phase changes. Complete the worksheet on calorimetry.
Friday, 3.07.14
Complete the packet on energy, Specific heat capacity and phase changes.
Wednesday, 3.05.14
Complete the chapter 9 vocabulary.
Thursday, 2.27.14
Complete the chapter 7 and chapter 8 SOL questions. Study for test on Monday.
Tuesday, 2.25.14
Complete the stoichiometry lab. Complete the chapter 7 & 8 practice test.
Friday, 2.21.14
Complete the worksheet on limiting reagent and percent yield.
Wednesday, 2.19.14
Complete the worksheet on stoichiometry.
Wednesday, 2.12.14
Complete the multiple choice review worksheet. Work on your lab problems. You will only get 10 minutes in class to compare lab answers and turn in one for the group.
Monday, 2.10.14
Complete the worksheet on empirical formula.
Thursday, 2.06.14
Abstracts due by Friday. Complete the worksheet on empirical and molecular formulas. Midterm on Monday.
Tuesday, 2.04.14
Complete problems #3 & #4 on mass composition. Complete even numbered mole conversion problems. Take the quarter 3 pre-test. Science fair abstract due by Friday.
Wednesday, 1.29.14
Complete problems 3-8 on percent composition.
Monday, 1.27.14
Complete the chapter 7 vocabulary. Complete the three e-cart quizzes (Qtr. 2 Post Test, Qtr. 1 CT/TPEP & Qtr. 2 CT/TPEP). All of them are graded on correctness. Science Fair Team Captains must enter your science fair information to the database at:
Thursday, 1.16.14
Test on Tuesday on Chapter 6. Complete your lab and the SOL questions for homework. UPDATE: The test is now on 1/27/2014 due to the snow days.
Tuesday, 1.14.14
Complete the worksheet on redox reactions. Chapter 6 test on Tuesday. Science fair posters due 2/3/2014.
Friday, 1.10.14
Complete the worksheet on oxide and net ionic reactions.
Wednesday, 1.08.14
Complete the chemical reaction practice worksheet.
Monday, 1.06.14
Complete the worksheet on chemical reactions.
Thursday, 12.19.13
Complete the chapter 6 vocabulary. Have a great holiday.
Tuesday, 12.17.13
Complete the Chapter 5 SOL questions. Study for the chapter 5 test.
Friday, 12.13.13
Complete the worksheet on covalent compounds and the practice test.
Wednesday, 12.11.13
Complete the packet on VSEPR.
Thursday, 12.05.13
Complete the entire worksheet on exception lewis structures, hybridization, sigma and pi bonds.
Wednesday, 11.27.13
No homework. Happy Thanksgiving.
None Available
Monday, 11.25.13
Complete the chapter 5 vocabulary and the worksheet on Covalent Compound nomenclature. There is an element quiz on period 6 elements.
Thursday, 11.21.13
Finish the lab. Complete the Chapter 4 SOL questions. Test on Monday.
Tuesday, 11.19.13
Complete the worksheets on salts and the practice test. Test on Monday.
Friday, 11.15.13
Complete the packet on using the stock and common naming systems for multivalent cations.
Wednesday, 11.13.13
Complete worksheet on binary ionic compounds and ionic compounds using polyatomic ions. Science fair formes due on Friday.
Monday, 11.11.13
Study 22 polyatomic ions for a quiz. Science fair proposal due on Friday.
None Available
Thursday, 11.07.13
Complete the chapter 4 vocabulary. Make flash cards for the 22 highlighted polyatomic ions. Take the qtr 2 pre-test (for completion) on e-cart.
Friday, 11.01.13
Complete the SOL worksheet for chapter 3. Test on Thursday.
Wednesday, 10.30.13
Complete the ion worksheet. Complete the practice test. Complete the on-line Chapter 1 post-test on E-cart.
Monday, 10.28.13
Complete the packet on periodic trends. Complete the chapter 1 post-exam.
Thursday, 10.24.13
Complete the packet on the periodic table. Flame test labs are due on Monday as well.
Tuesday, 10.22.13
Complete the worksheet on Lewis dot diagrams and ions.
Friday, 10.18.13
Complete the chapter 3 vocabulary and the worksheet on the periodic table chemists.
Friday, 10.11.13
Complete the Chapter 2 SOL questions. Study for test on Friday.
Wednesday, 10.09.13
Complete the chapter practice test.
Monday, 10.07.13
Complete the packet on electron configuration.
Thursday, 10.03.13
Complete the worksheet on nuclear chemistry. Read the entire packet and answer all problems.
Friday, 9.27.13
Complete the vocabulary matching worksheet. Quiz on elements 1-54.
Wednesday, 9.25.13
Complete the worksheet on the atomic theorists. Complete 1-12d on subatomic particles.
Monday, 9.23.13
Complete the chapter 2 vocabulary.
Thursday, 9.19.13
Complete the SOL questions for Chapter 1. Put answers on blue side of the scantron. Study for the chapter 1 test.
Tuesday, 9.17.13
Complete the chapter 1 practice test. Test on 9/23.
Friday, 9.13.13
Complete the attached worksheet on physical and chemical change, endothermic and exothermic changes, elements and compounds and separation techniques. Finish the dimensional analysis worksheet and turn it in on Tuesday.
Wednesday, 9.11.13
Study elements 1-36 names and symbols. Complete the worksheet on dimensional analysis. Complete the worksheet on vocab matching. If you did not finish your lab that is also due on Friday.
Monday, 9.09.13
Take the First Quarter Pre-Test on E-cart. Complete 1a-e and 2 a-e on significant figures and metric conversions.
Thursday, 9.05.13
Complete chapter 1 vocabulary. Complete the worksheet on significant figures, rounding and temperature conversion.
Tuesday, 9.03.13
Get safety form signed. Study elements 1-18 for a quiz on Thursday. Chapter 1 vocabulary is due on Monday.
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