activity series  
  bond energy
  bond lengths


  common names

  conversion factors: energy

  conversion factors: length

  conversion factors: mass

  conversion factors: pressure

  conversion factors: temp.

  conversion factors: volume

  covalent prefixes

  density solver

  diatomic elements

  e-config. chart

  element list

  gas law formulas

  Ka's of polyprotic acids

  Ka's of weak acids

  Kb's of weak bases

  metric conversion chart

  mole conversion chart

  molecular geometries

  organic prefixes

  periodic table

  periodic table (flash)

  pH/pOH converter

  polyatomic ions

  pressure converter

  SI units

  solubility chart

  solubility of salts rules

  solubility product constants

  stoichiometry chart

  temp. conversion

  temp. formulas

  thermodynamic data

  vapor pressure of water

Period 8 Homework

Period 8 Homework
  August - 2019  
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date assigned
Tuesday, 8.27.19
Honors Chemistry Section 3. Begins: 8/27/2019
None Available
Friday, 1.11.19
Study for part 2 of the Chapter 5 test. It is 25 multiple choice quizzes. There are 42 on-line quizzes available. Vocab is due Thursday - but I'll accept it early on Tuesday. Enjoy the snow.
Wednesday, 1.09.19
Finish the worksheet on Intermolecular forces and the practice test.
Monday, 1.07.19
Finish the worksheet on bond and molecular polarity and read the worksheet on intermolecular forces.
Thursday, 12.06.18
Attempt and do as much as you can of the packet on VSEPR.
Tuesday, 12.04.18
Finish the packet drawing structural formulas for ion and resonance structures. Also finish #11 on exceptions to the octet rule.
Wednesday, 11.28.18
Complete the chapter 5 vocabulary and the worksheet on covalent nomenclature.
Monday, 11.26.18
Finish the ionic compounds lab. Test on Wednesday.
Friday, 10.05.18
Study for the chapter 2 test on Friday.
None Available
Friday, 9.21.18
Complete the worksheet on isotopes.
Wednesday, 9.19.18
Complete the scientists worksheet and the sol worksheet.
Monday, 9.17.18
Complete the chapter 2 vocabulary.
Thursday, 9.13.18
Study for the Chapter 1 test.
None Available
Tuesday, 9.11.18
Complete the practice test. Test on Monday. Science fair forms are due on Friday.
Friday, 9.07.18
Complete the worksheet on dimensional analysis.
Wednesday, 9.05.18
Complete the worksheet on Scientific Notation, Density, Percent Error and Metric Conversions.
Friday, 8.31.18
Complete the chapter 1 vocabulary. Finish the worksheet on significant figures and try the density worksheet.
Wednesday, 8.29.18
Register at Get you safety contract signed. Complete the safety quiz on e-cart. Quiz on elements 1-18 on Friday. Start working on your Science Fair Idea form.
Thursday, 6.07.18
Kinetics lab report due.
None Available
Tuesday, 6.05.18
Complete your Oxalic acid lab write up.
None Available
Wednesday, 5.30.18
Wear your tie-dye shirt on Friday for a class photo.
None Available
Friday, 5.25.18
Complete your lab write up.
None Available
Wednesday, 5.23.18
Research for Friday's Lab.
None Available
Monday, 5.21.18
Do your write up for the 4 unknowns lab.
None Available
Thursday, 5.17.18
Complete the lab on molar volume of a gas.
None Available
Tuesday, 5.15.18
3 Teacher appreciation letters and one advice to former student letter due on Thursday.
None Available
Friday, 5.11.18
No homework.
None Available
Wednesday, 5.09.18
No homework
None Available
Friday, 4.27.18
Final exam on Tuesday.
None Available
Wednesday, 4.25.18
None Available
Monday, 4.23.18
Check your answers on the free response.
Thursday, 4.19.18
No homework - just study.
None Available
Thursday, 4.12.18
Prepare for the lab on Tuesday.
None Available
Friday, 4.06.18
Study. Do practice problems.
None Available
Wednesday, 4.04.18
Prepare for Friday's multiple choice test. 50 Questions 85 minutes.
None Available
Friday, 3.23.18
No work assigned but we will do a mock exam on Wednesday and Friday when we return.
Monday, 3.19.18
No homework. There will be a mock exam after spring break. On Wednesday you will do a full free response and on Friday you will do a full Multiple Choice.
None Available
Friday, 3.09.18
Complete Hw17_2. Quiz on electrochem will be on Tuesday.
Wednesday, 3.07.18
Complete Hw17_1. Quiz on electrochem will be on Tuesday.
Monday, 3.05.18
Review the chapter 17 outline.
Thursday, 3.01.18
Look over returned work. Review the chapter 17 outline.
Friday, 2.23.18
Complete HW16_2.
Wednesday, 2.21.18
Complete HW16_1.
Tuesday, 2.06.18
Complete the chapter 11 HW 2. Review the chapter 12 outline.
Wednesday, 1.31.18
Read the chapter 11 outline.
Thursday, 1.25.18
Study for your midterm.
None Available
Tuesday, 1.23.18
Study for the unit 4 exam.
None Available
Wednesday, 1.17.18
Complete HW10_1. Test is 1/25 on chapters 7-10.
Friday, 1.12.18
Complete worksheet HW8_01
Tuesday, 1.02.18
Complete HW7_5
Thursday, 12.14.17
Complete HW7_4. Look over the chapter 8 outline. Have a Happy Holiday.
Tuesday, 12.12.17
Complete the HW7_03.
Monday, 12.11.17
Complete the mixed reactions worksheet. There will be a partner quiz next class.
Wednesday, 12.06.17
Complete HW 7_2
Monday, 12.04.17
Review the chapter 7 outline.
Thursday, 11.30.17
STUDY for the acid base test.
None Available
Monday, 11.20.17
Complete HW15_2.
Thursday, 11.16.17
Complete homework HW15_1
Tuesday, 11.14.17
Complete homework HW14_6
Friday, 11.10.17
Review chapter 15 outline. Complete HW #4 on acids and bases
Wednesday, 11.08.17
Complete HW#3 on acids and bases.
Tuesday, 10.31.17
Review the Chapter 14 outline. There will be a pre-quiz at the start of class on Thursday.
Friday, 10.27.17
Review the chapter 4 outline. There will be a pre-quiz are a question and answer session.
Wednesday, 10.25.17
Review the chapter 14 outline. There may be a pre-quiz on Friday.
Thursday, 10.19.17
Study for Wednesday's test.
None Available
Tuesday, 10.17.17
Complete the exam 2 practice test on the blue side of the scanton.
Friday, 10.06.17
Complete 1-22 of the review multiple choice problems.
Wednesday, 10.04.17
Complete the Chapter 6 text book worksheet.
Monday, 10.02.17
Read the chapter 13 outline.
Thursday, 9.28.17
Review the chapter 6 outline.
Tuesday, 9.26.17
Complete the post-lab report.
None Available
Tuesday, 9.19.17
Complete the chapter 5 text book problems.
Friday, 9.15.17
Review the chapter 5 outline.
Wednesday, 9.13.17
Review the chapter 5 outline.
Monday, 9.11.17
Study for the first test on Chapters 1-4.
None Available
Thursday, 9.07.17
Complete the unit 1 practice test.
Tuesday, 9.05.17
Complete the chapter 4 HW #1.
Tuesday, 8.29.17
Get safety contract signed. Complete the chapter 1 worksheet. Review chapters 3 & 4. They will be covered on Thursday.
None Available
Wednesday, 6.15.16
Study for your final exam.
None Available
Monday, 6.13.16
Bring in your text book.Complete the ecart SMARTR quiz.
None Available
Thursday, 6.09.16
No homework! Bring in your tie-dye stuff.
None Available
Tuesday, 6.07.16
Complete the ecart SMARTR quiz. The grade counts. Complete the titration lab. Study for the test.
Friday, 6.03.16
Complete the chapter 12 & 13 practice test.
Wednesday, 6.01.16
Complete the equilibrium and acid/base worksheets.
Friday, 5.27.16
No Homework.
None Available
Monday, 5.23.16
Complete the worksheet on Acids and Bases. Study for the SOL.
Thursday, 5.19.16
Complete the worksheets on Equillibrium and Le Chatelier's principle.
Tuesday, 5.17.16
Complete the chapter 12 and 13 vocabularies.
Friday, 5.13.16
Study for the solutions test.
None Available
Wednesday, 5.11.16
Complete the practice test.
Monday, 5.09.16
Complete the solution calculation problems and the conductivity worksheet.
Thursday, 5.05.16
Complete the first worksheet on solutions.
Tuesday, 5.03.16
Complete the chapter 11 vocabulary.
Wednesday, 4.27.16
Complete the chapter 10 practice test and the gas stoichiometry worksheet.
Monday, 4.25.16
Complete the worksheet on vapor pressure and the gas laws review worksheet.
Wednesday, 4.20.16
Complete the worksheet on combined,ideal, gas density, Graham's & Root Mean Square Velocity.
Monday, 4.18.16
Complete the worksheet on Dalton's, Boyle's Charles', Gay-Lussac & Avogadro's Laws.
Thursday, 4.14.16
Complete the chapter 10 vocabulary and do the 3rd QTR SMARTR quiz on blackboard/ecart.
Tuesday, 4.12.16
Study for your chapter 9 test.
None Available
Friday, 4.08.16
Complete the chapter 9 practice test.
Wednesday, 4.06.16
Complete all problems on bond energy. Complete the odd problems on Free Energy.
Monday, 4.04.16
Complete the worksheet on energy stoichiometry and the worksheet on Hess's law.
Friday, 4.01.16
Complete the worksheet on heating curves and heats of reaction.
Thursday, 3.31.16
Complete the worksheet on heats of solution and phase change calculations.
Tuesday, 3.29.16
Complete worksheet on calorimetry and phase changes.
Thursday, 3.17.16
Complete the element march madness worksheet.
Tuesday, 3.15.16
Complete the chapter 9 vocabulary. Finish up the lab if you didn't already turn it in.
Friday, 3.11.16
Complete the stoichiometry review worksheet.
Wednesday, 3.09.16
Finish the Limiting reagent/Excess Reagent worksheet and the practice test.
Monday, 3.07.16
Complete the stoichiometry worksheet.
Thursday, 3.03.16
Complete the mole airlines worksheet. You must show all work. Complete the chapter 8 vocabulary if you haven't already done so.
Friday, 2.26.16
Study for the chapter 7 test.
None Available
Wednesday, 2.24.16
Finish the hydrates lab and complete the practice test.
Monday, 2.22.16
Complete the packet on hydrates. Read through the hydrates lab.
Thursday, 2.18.16
Complete the worksheets on empirical and molecular formula and the worksheet on combustion analysis.
Thursday, 2.11.16
Prepare for your mid term. Due to the cancellation the test will be on Thursday.
None Available
Tuesday, 2.09.16
Complete the packet on mole conversions.
Thursday, 2.04.16
Complete the odd problems on percent composition and mass composition. Midterm is on Thursday 2/11.
Tuesday, 2.02.16
Study for your test. Complete the e-cart SMARTR quiz on blackboard. Complete the chapter 7 vocabulary.
Friday, 1.15.16
Complete the reactions lab. Study for Thursday's test
Wednesday, 1.13.16
Complete the worksheet on redox reactions.
Monday, 1.11.16
Complete the worksheet on chemical reactions.
Thursday, 1.07.16
Complete the worksheet on net-ionic equations
Tuesday, 1.05.16
Complete the worksheet on chemical reactions.
Friday, 12.18.15
Complete page 2 on the balancing equations worksheet.
Wednesday, 12.16.15
Complete the chapter 6 vocabulary.
Monday, 12.14.15
Study for the chapter 5 test. Take on-line quizzes.
None Available
Thursday, 12.10.15
Complete the Chapter 5 practice test.
Tuesday, 12.08.15
Complete the worksheets on polarity and intermolecular forces.
Friday, 12.04.15
Complete the packet on VSEPR.
Wednesday, 12.02.15
Complete all parts of the packet except #12 and the questions about sigma and pi bonding.
Tuesday, 11.24.15
Complete the worksheet on structural formulas
Friday, 11.20.15
Complete the chapter 5 vocabulary and the worksheet on covalent compound nomenclature.
Wednesday, 11.18.15
Study for Fridays test. If you didn't finish the lab, it is due on Friday.
Monday, 11.16.15
Complete the chapter 4 practice test. There will be a quiz on period 6 elements, name and symbol.
Thursday, 11.12.15
Complete all homework problems using the stock and common naming systems.
Tuesday, 11.10.15
Complete the odd problems in all sections of the HW. Study for a polyatomic ion quiz.
Friday, 11.06.15
Complete the chapter 4 vocabulary. Make flash cards for the highlighted polyatomic ions. There will be a polyatomic ion quiz on Thursday.
Wednesday, 11.04.15
Study for the chapter 3 test. Take on-line quizzes.
None Available
Thursday, 10.29.15
Complete the chapter 3 practice test. Do some on-line quizzes.
Tuesday, 10.27.15
Complete the worksheet on periodic trends. Science Fair Research Plans and forms due by Friday. Take the SMARTR Qtr 1 quiz on e-cart.
Friday, 10.23.15
Complete the packet on Periodic Table groups. Read and only do 1-10 on Periodic Trends.
Wednesday, 10.21.15
Color the page of periodic tables using the instructions in the packet. Quiz on elements 1-54 on Friday.
Monday, 10.19.15
Complete the chapter 3 vocabulary and the scientist packet.
Thursday, 10.15.15
Test on Monday. Take the on-line quizzes. The lab packet is due on Monday.
Tuesday, 10.13.15
Complete the chapter 2 practice test.
Wednesday, 10.07.15
Complete the worksheet on electron configuration. You do not have to do quantum numbers yet.
Monday, 10.05.15
Complete the packet on nuclear chemistry.
Thursday, 10.01.15
Study elements 1-36, name and symbol for a quiz on Monday. Read the entire nuclear chemistry packet. Complete the e-cart quiz on blackboard.
Tuesday, 9.29.15
Complete the worksheets on subatomic particles and atomic theorists.
Friday, 9.25.15
Complete the chapter 2 vocabulary.
Wednesday, 9.23.15
Complete your density lab report and study for Friday's test. Do chapter 1 on-line quizzes.
None Available
Monday, 9.21.15
Complete the practice test and plan for Wednesday's density lab.
Thursday, 9.17.15
Complete the worksheet on dimensional analysis. Plan your lab procedure for Monday's density lab.
Tuesday, 9.15.15
Complete the worksheet(1-5) on scientific notation, density, percent error ans metric conversion.
Friday, 9.11.15
Chapter 1 vocabulary is due on Tuesday. Complete the worksheet on significant figures. There will be a significant figures quiz on Tuesday. Start to think about your science fair project. Proposals forms are due 9/29.
Wednesday, 9.09.15
Fill out and return the lab safety contract. Register at Study elements 1-18 for a quiz on Friday. Chapter 1 vocabulary due on Tuesday.
Thursday, 6.11.15
Study for your final exam.
None Available
Tuesday, 6.09.15
Complete the Final Exam review packet.
Friday, 6.05.15
No homework. We will make tie-dyes on Tuesday. On Thursday we will make ice cream and go over the final exam review. Final exam is 6/17.
Wednesday, 6.03.15
Bring in your book and tie-dye shirt and money if you are doing the tie dye lab.
None Available
Monday, 6.01.15
Study for the test on Wednesday. Complete the qtr 4 post test and the SMARTR qtr 4 test on e-cart.
None Available
Tuesday, 5.26.15
Complete the packet on pH of strong and weak acids and bases.
Thursday, 5.21.15
Complete the worksheet on Acids & Bases.
Tuesday, 5.19.15
Complete the worksheet on Kp & Q.
Friday, 5.15.15
Complete the worksheets on Equillibrium and Le Chatelier's Principal
Wednesday, 5.13.15
Complete the chapter 12 & 13 Vocabulary. Complete the Qtr 3 Post exam on Ecart.
Monday, 5.11.15
Study for Wednesday's test on Solutions.
None Available
Thursday, 5.07.15
Complete the practice test. Test on Wednesday.
Tuesday, 5.05.15
Complete the worksheet on molarity, molality, mole faction & percent solutions.
Friday, 5.01.15
No homework.
None Available
Wednesday, 4.29.15
Complete packet 1 on solutions.
Monday, 4.27.15
Complete the chapter 11 vocabulary. Complete 4th Qtr Pre-Exam on E-cart.
Thursday, 4.23.15
Study for Monday's Gas Law Test. Complete the rest of your lab: Data table, calculations and post-lab questions.
Tuesday, 4.21.15
Complete the worksheet on Gas Stoichiometry.
Thursday, 4.16.15
Read and complete the worksheet on Kinetic Molecular Theory and Vapor Pressure.
Tuesday, 4.14.15
Study for a quiz on gas laws.
None Available
Friday, 4.10.15
Complete the ecart Qtr 3 SMARTR quiz. Complete the packet on Combined, Ideal, Gas Density, Graham's & Root Mean Square Velocity Problems. Complete the multiple choice practice problems.
Wednesday, 4.08.15
Complete worksheet on Dalton's, Boyle's, Charles's, Gay-Lussac & Avogadro's gas laws.
Friday, 3.27.15
Complete the chapter 10 vocabulary. Have a relaxing break.
Monday, 3.23.15
Predict the delta H, S & G signs for the evens. Do all calculations for the odds.
Thursday, 3.19.15
Complete the even problems on energy stoichiometry and all problems on Hess's law.
Tuesday, 3.17.15
Complete problems 1-7 (all) and problems 9-15(odd).
Thursday, 3.12.15
Complete the worksheet on heats of solution. Also, complete #19 on phase diagrams.
Tuesday, 3.10.15
Complete the worksheet on energy.
Wednesday, 3.04.15
Complete the chapter 9 vocabulary.
Tuesday, 2.24.15
Study for the stoichiometry test.Finish the stoichiometry lab.
Friday, 2.13.15
Complete the chapter 8 practice test.
Wednesday, 2.11.15
Study for the midterm test on Friday.
None Available
Monday, 2.09.15
Complete the worksheet on Stoichiometry. Midterm on Friday.
Thursday, 2.05.15
Complete the chapter 8 vocabulary. Complete the Qtr 3 Pre-Test.
Tuesday, 2.03.15
Complete the hydrates lab. Prepare for the chapter 7 test on Thursday.
Wednesday, 1.28.15
Complete the chapter 7 practice test. Test on 2/5.
Monday, 1.26.15
Complete the mole airlines and hydrates worksheets.
Thursday, 1.22.15
Complete problems 1,2,3 & 5 on combustion analysis. Also complete the Qtr 2 post test and the Qtr 2 SMART test on ecart.
Tuesday, 1.20.15
Complete the odd numbered problems on empirical and molecular formula.
Thursday, 1.15.15
Complete the odd problems on mass composition. Complete the odd problems on mole conversions.
Tuesday, 1.13.15
Complete problems 1,3,5,7,9, 11 & 13-19 on molar mass & 1,3,5,7 & 9 on percent composition.
Friday, 1.09.15
Complete the chapter 7 vocabulary. You will take part 2 of the chemical reactions test on Tuesday. (15 questions 45 minutes)
Wednesday, 1.07.15
Complete the chemical reactions lab. Test on Friday on chapter 6.
Monday, 1.05.15
Complete the chapter 6 practice test 2.
Thursday, 12.18.14
Complete the worksheet on redox reactions/practice test.
Tuesday, 12.16.14
Complete the worksheet on oxide and net ionic reactions.
Friday, 12.12.14
Complete the chemical reaction practice worksheet.
Wednesday, 12.10.14
Complete 1-10f on reactions and single replacement reactions.
Monday, 12.08.14
Complete the chapter 6 vocabulary.
Thursday, 12.04.14
Complete your lab. Study for Monday's test.
Tuesday, 12.02.14
Complete the chapter 5 practice test. Test on Monday.
Wednesday, 11.26.14
Complete packets on bond polarity and intermolecular forces.
Monday, 11.24.14
Complete the worksheet on VSEPR.
Thursday, 11.20.14
Complete the worksheet on exceptions to the octet rule. Complete everything except the questions on sigma and pi bonds.
Tuesday, 11.18.14
Complete the worksheet on structural formulas and resonance structures.
Friday, 11.14.14
Complete the worksheet on chapter 5 vocabulary and the worksheet on covalent nomenclature. Study period 6 elements for a quiz.
Wednesday, 11.12.14
Finish the lab. Test on Friday.
Monday, 11.10.14
Complete the worksheet on salts and complete the practice test.
Thursday, 11.06.14
Complete part 2 of the homework on stock & common naming system (page 5). Complete the Qtr. 2 Pre-test on e-cart for completion.
Friday, 10.31.14
Complete part I of the homework. Study elements 1-54 for a quiz. Complete your science fair research plan.
Friday, 10.31.14
Complete part I of the homework. Study elements 1-54 for a quiz. Complete your science fair research plan.
Wednesday, 10.29.14
Complete the worksheet on binary and ternary ionic compounds. Quiz next class on highlighted ionic compounds.
Monday, 10.27.14
Complete the SMARTR e-cart test. Complete the chapter 4 vocabulary. Make flash cards of the highlighted polyatomic ions.
Thursday, 10.23.14
Study for your test on Monday. Complete the elements lab. Complete the Chapter 1 Post-test on E-cart for correctness. SMARTR Qtr 1 e-cart test is due by Wednesday.
Tuesday, 10.21.14
Complete the problems on periodic trends. Complete the practice test. Test on Monday.
Friday, 10.17.14
Complete the worksheet on periodic groups and the worksheet on Ions.
Friday, 10.10.14
Read the worksheet on the Periodic table. Color either the periodic tables in the packet or color the periodic tables on the page of periodic tables.
Wednesday, 10.08.14
Complete the vocabulary and the worksheet on Periodic Table Scientists worksheet.
Monday, 10.06.14
Complete the flame test lab. Test on Wednesday.
Thursday, 10.02.14
Complete the worksheets on electron configuration and the chapter 2 practice test. Test on 10/8.
Tuesday, 9.30.14
Complete the nuclear chemistry packet.
Thursday, 9.25.14
Complete the review worksheet.
Tuesday, 9.23.14
Complete the worksheets on the history of the atom and isotopes.
Friday, 9.19.14
Complete the chapter 2 vocabulary. Quiz on elements 1-36 on Tuesday.
Wednesday, 9.17.14
Complete your lab report. Study for your test. 33 on-line quizzes available.
Monday, 9.15.14
Complete the second practice test and prepare for your lab. The test is postponed until 9/19
Thursday, 9.11.14
Complete the vocab usage worksheet and the practice test.
Tuesday, 9.09.14
Complete the worksheet on vocabulary matching. Complete problems 2-4 on metric conversions and density.
Friday, 9.05.14
Complete the chapter 1 vocabulary.
Wednesday, 9.03.14
Get safety sheet signed. Study elements 1-18 for a quiz. Take the chapter 1 pretest on e-cart. Register @ Vocabulary is due on Tuesday.
Friday, 6.13.14
Goodbye and good luck seniors! Juniors - see you on Tuesday.
None Available
Wednesday, 6.11.14
No homework.
None Available
Monday, 6.09.14
Finish all lab reports. Tie dyes on Wednesday.
None Available
Thursday, 6.05.14
Finish up lab write up. Bring in T-shirt and $3 if you want to make a tie-dye.
None Available
Tuesday, 6.03.14
Prepare for Thursdays 8 chemical unknown lab. If you finished your LimeAway lab turn in your report on Thursday - otherwise it is due Monday.
None Available
Friday, 5.30.14
Complete your lab report.
None Available
Tuesday, 5.27.14
Lab report on 8 unknowns due Friday. Video project due Tuesday.
None Available
Friday, 5.23.14
Lab extended one more class.
None Available
Wednesday, 5.21.14
Lab reports due Friday.
None Available
Monday, 5.19.14
Complete the reactions lab. Bring in your book and your book letter.
None Available
Thursday, 5.15.14
Complete the H2O2 lab. Here is the link to the excel spreadsheet Teacher appreciation letters are due on Monday.
None Available
Tuesday, 5.13.14
No homework. Teacher appreciation letters due on Monday.
None Available
Friday, 5.09.14
No homework.
None Available
Wednesday, 5.07.14
None Available
Monday, 5.05.14
None Available
Thursday, 5.01.14
STUDY! AP exam on Monday.
None Available
Tuesday, 4.29.14
None Available
Friday, 4.25.14
Study for the final exam.
None Available
Wednesday, 4.23.14
Lab reports due Friday.
None Available
Monday, 4.21.14
Complete the 2013 free response.
Thursday, 4.10.14
Study for your AP exam. Use the MC & answers as well as the collected essays to prepare. Enjoy your break.
None Available
Tuesday, 4.08.14
Complete the MC questions on the green side of the scantron. Answer all questions. Only the ones you were taught will be graded.
Thursday, 4.03.14
Study for the AP exam.
None Available
Tuesday, 4.01.14
Study for MC test on Thursday. 60 MC - 83 minutes. Choices A-D only.
None Available
Friday, 3.28.14
Complete the 2006 MC Exam 2.
Wednesday, 3.26.14
Complete the honors stoichiometry test.
Monday, 3.24.14
Make test corrections from the last test. Complete the take home practice test. No late assignments accepted.
Thursday, 3.20.14
No homework.
None Available
Tuesday, 3.18.14
Study for Thursday's test.
None Available
Friday, 3.14.14
Study for test on Tuesday.
None Available
Wednesday, 3.12.14
Complete the chapters 11,12,16 & 17 practice test.
Monday, 3.10.14
Prepare for chapter 11,12, 16 & 17 test on Tuesday.
None Available
Thursday, 3.06.14
Complete warm-ups 3 & 4 from chapter 17.
Friday, 2.28.14
Complete the chapter 17 warm-up 1.
Wednesday, 2.26.14
Read the chapter 17 outline. Prepare for a pre-quiz.
Monday, 2.24.14
Complete the chapter 16 warm-ups 1 & 2. Read the chapter 17 outline for a pre-quiz.
Thursday, 2.20.14
Review the chapter 16 outline. Chapter 12 kinetics homework due.
Wednesday, 2.19.14
Complete warm-up #2 on kinetics.
None Available
Monday, 2.17.14
Read the chapter 12 outline. There will be a pre-quiz on Tuesday.
Tuesday, 2.11.14
Complete the chapter 11 problem set.
Friday, 2.07.14
Complete the multiple choice corrections from the midterm.
None Available
Wednesday, 2.05.14
Complete the chapters 7-10 multiple choice corrections. Complete the science fair abstract form. Read the chapter 11 outline. There will be a quiz on chapter 11 on Friday.
Monday, 2.03.14
Begin to work on exam 4 test corrections.
None Available
Tuesday, 1.28.14
Science fair captains must fill in project information in to the database by 1/28: Science fair posters due 2/3/2014. On 2/3/2014 there will be the midterm. It will be 30 MC and 4 free response. The scores will be scaled and counted on the second quarter.
None Available
Friday, 1.24.14
Study for the Chapter 7-10 test! Midterm is on Monday 2/3. Science Fair poster boards due 2/3. All Science Fair participants must check out and possibly fill out the form at: by 1/28.
None Available
Friday, 1.17.14
Complete the practice test. Due to the time off from school the test will be postponed until Tuesday. Midterm will be???? but we will still have a midterm.
Wednesday, 1.15.14
Read the entire chapter 10 outline. Study for the chapter 7-10 test. Also prep for the midterm.
Monday, 1.13.14
Study for a quiz on chapters 8 & 9. Science fair poster due 2/3/2014.
None Available
Monday, 1.13.14
Quiz on chapter 8&9 on Wednesday. Science fair poster due on 2/3/2014.
None Available
Thursday, 1.09.14
Review the chapter 8 & 9 outlines.
Friday, 12.20.13
Complete the mid-term review by 1/9/2014.
Wednesday, 12.18.13
Review the chapter 8/9 outline.
None Available
Monday, 12.16.13
Work on test corrections.
None Available
Thursday, 12.12.13
Review the chapter 7 & 8 outlines
None Available
Friday, 12.06.13
Complete the review worksheet on acids & bases.
None Available
Wednesday, 12.04.13
Complete the worksheet on Lewis structures and resonance structures.
Monday, 12.02.13
Test on Wednesday. Chapters 14 & 15.
None Available
Tuesday, 11.26.13
Study for Wednesday's test. Complete every free response if you can.
Friday, 11.22.13
Complete the practice test. E-mail me for a copy.
None Available
Wednesday, 11.20.13
Complete the warn-ups started in class. Also complete the acid base multiple choice worksheet
Monday, 11.18.13
Complete the titration question on page 5.
Thursday, 11.14.13
Complete the review worksheet #4. Science fair forms due tomorrow.
Tuesday, 11.12.13
Complete review worksheet #3.
Sunday, 11.10.13
Complete review worksheet. Quiz at the start of next class.
Wednesday, 11.06.13
Complete both review essays. Be prepared for a quiz on pages 1-6.
Thursday, 10.31.13
Read the entire chapter 14 outline.
Tuesday, 10.29.13
Look over the chapter 14 outline.
Friday, 10.25.13
Study chapters 5,6 & 13 for test on Tuesday.
None Available
Wednesday, 10.23.13
Complete practice test 2.
Monday, 10.21.13
Complete the third free response question on page 10.
Thursday, 10.17.13
Complete the calotimetry problems. Study for a quiz on Chapter 6.
Tuesday, 10.15.13
Complete chapter 6 warm up 1 and read the chapter 13 outline.
Thursday, 10.10.13
Read the chapter 6 outline and try the chapter 6 warm-up problems.
Tuesday, 10.08.13
Complete warm-up 3. 7 or 8 question multiple choice quiz on Thursday.
Friday, 10.04.13
Complete warm ups 1 & 2. Quiz on Tuesday on polyatomic ions.
Wednesday, 10.02.13
Complete the multiple choice test corrections. Quiz on redox balancing. Science fair forms due. Polyatomic ion quiz on Tuesday.
None Available
Monday, 9.30.13
Read the chapter 5 outline. There may be a quiz.
Thursday, 9.26.13
Study for the chapters 1-4 test.
None Available
Tuesday, 9.24.13
Complete the exam 1 practice test. Pencil in the blue side of the scantron.
Friday, 9.20.13
Science Fair proposal forms due 10/3.
Wednesday, 9.18.13
Complete the chapter 3 warm up 3 and the multistep precipitate problem.
Monday, 9.16.13
Complete warm-up #3 from chapter 3.
Thursday, 9.12.13
Finish warm up 2. Read chapter 4 outline.
Tuesday, 9.10.13
Complete the chapter 2 tyake home quiz and read the chapter 3 outline.
Friday, 9.06.13
Finish the group quiz if you didn't already. Read the chapter 2 outline.
Wednesday, 9.04.13
Get saftey form signed. Study elements 1-36 for a quiz on Friday.
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